Welcome to San Diego County Apologetics Network

San Diego County Apologetics Network is made up of Christians from various churches all over San Diego County who have a strong desire to equip God’s people to use apologetics as a valuable aid in evangelism. Apologetics is a rational defense of the Christian faith.  It includes the use of history, science, philosophy, theology, and other disciplines—with the goal of removing obstacles that prevent unbelievers from considering Christianity. We are committed to teaching apologetics at a practical level. Our desire is that all students be able to understand and successfully apply apologetic knowledge and tactics with family, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and anyone else our Lord brings into their lives.

To accomplish our goals at San Diego County Apologetic Network, we have set out to do several things:

1. Offer a certificate course in apologetics

2. Publicize local apologetics events

3. Teach classes in churches and in the community

4. Find and share valuable resources for individuals and organizations

5. Encourage new membership and mentees interested in apologetics ministries

6. Meet for education, fellowship, and encouragement

7. Promote our message through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

8. Encourage local churches to develop apologetics for their members.


If you would like to be a part of this group or take advantage of our services, please Contact Us.