About Us


We at SDCAN believe all Christians should be able to defend their faith in a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity. The apostle Peter commanded us to do exactly that in 1 Peter 3:15. Likewise, the apostle Paul repeatedly defended Christ as he interacted with Jews and pagans. Our Lord Himself told us to love God with our minds as well as with our hearts.
Apologetics has many important benefits. Christians can testify that apologetics is highly affirming to their faith. It removes doubts and gives greater confidence to share the gospel without fear of being unable to answer the tough questions. Likewise, apologetics can be crucial for preparing high school and college students to identify and resist the anti-Christian rhetoric and philosophies they will encounter in secular colleges and universities. For the non-Christian, apologetics can remind him/her that Christianity is worth thinking about.

We believe that God is the ultimate agent of conviction and conversion—and the power behind all successful evangelism. We recognize that the Holy Spirit has used apologetics in the lives of many of Christendom’s great thinkers.

To accomplish our goals at San Diego County Apologetic Network, we have set out to do several things including:

1. Offer a certificate course in apologetics

2. Publicize local apologetics events

3. Teach classes in churches and in the community

4. Find and share valuable resources for individuals and organizations

5. Encourage new membership and mentees interested in apologetics ministries

6. Meet for education, fellowship, and encouragement

7. Promote our message through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

8. Encourage local churches to develop apologetics for their members.

If you would like to be a part of this group or take advantage of our services, please Contact Us.