SDCAN Certificate Program

Would you like a solid foundation in making the case for the truth of Christianity?

Consider a certificate program in apologetics sponsored by the San Diego County Apologetics Network (SDCAN), Branch College of San Diego, and local churches.

Why a certificate in apologetics?
•  God tells us to have answers for all who ask
•  It builds confidence in Christians
•  It equips people to teach other Christians
•  It connects learners to new resources
•  It connects people with similar interests
•  It demonstrates Christians can think
•  It can change society
•  More importantly. . . it can introduce people to Christ.

The organization behind this certificate program is the San Diego County Apologetics Network, which is made up of individuals across the county who value apologetics and seek to help Christians understand why they believe what they believe. Branch College seeks to develop, equip, and inspire Christian leaders for excellence in ministry to the Church. Because we want all to have access to this opportunity, there will be no charge for the program.

Students will devote 15-20 hours for completion of the program, which will introduce people to the basics of Christian apologetics. They will be listening to audio lectures, watching videos, or reading articles, and answering questions about what they have learned. They will need access to a computer and the internet for the audio and video presentations. If the student would prefer to read articles, a pdf of a book will be provided at no cost. Depending on the coordinator, number of students, and the location, there may be in-person meetings.

How it works:
•  You contact the director, Gary Zacharias (
•  We email you a list of topics, links to the audio and video lectures, a pdf copy of a book on apologetics, and questions to answer for all lectures.
•  You can complete the work as slowly or as quickly as you wish.
•  You will receive a certificate from the San Diego County Apologetics Network (SDCAN) and Branch College upon completion of the work.

Topics covered:
•    Introduction - apologetics/tactics
•    The existence of God
•    The Trinity
•    The life/death/resurrection of Jesus
•    Reliability of the Gospels
•    Jehovah's Witnesses
•    Mormons
•    Islam
•    Science/Christianity (various issues)
•    Church history
•    Tolerance
•    The problem of evil
•    A key question: What about those who have never heard of Jesus?
•    A second key question: Do all roads lead to God?
•    Homosexuality
•    Same-sex marriage
•    Hell
•    Existence of the soul

For more information about the certificate program, drop us a line on our Contact Us page.